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    Two materials, cobalt high speed steel (HSS) for the teeth and spring steel as a back material, are joined during the Electron-beam welding process. This welding process results in an optimal combination of material with respect to saw blade resistance to wear and  fatigue.                                                       .
    The material is suitable for producing band saw, hole saw, hack saw, reciprocating saw and some other cutting tools.The cutting tools which is made from bi-metal material are charactered by high productivity, energy saving and so on. It is a wonderful material to reduce power resources and save raw material.
Supply Scope 
Size Material
12.70x0.60mm M2/6150
13x0.64mm M42/TD505
19x0.90mm M42/TD505
27x0.90mm M42/TD505
34x1.10mm M42/TD505
41x1.25mm M42/TD505
54x1.60mm M42/TD505
67x1.60mm M42/TD505
The above items are readily available for immediate delivery.
Special size can be available to meet your requirement.
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